Hinckley Women's Club

Serving the Community since 1981

Dedicated to Community Service, Philanthropy & Rewarding experiences for our Members


In the beginning, there was no women's club in Hinckley; no club to serve the needs or desires of the newcomers to the community or those of the seasoned residents. 

A handful of women decided to organize such a group.  they committed themselves to building an efficient organization that would be dedicated to serving social and service needs in the community.  In May 1981 the Hinckley Women's Club was launched.  The members of the original Charter Executive Board were:

President:                Heather Liccardi

Vice President:       Cheryl Valasik

Secretary:                Elberta Waleri

Treasurer:                Kathy Masek

Together, with a nucleus of community oriented, active members, they gave of their time and talent and the Hinckley Wemen's Club grew.  New interest groups were included, membership expanded, by-laws were constructed and amended, other groups began to seek them out, and "working" as a Women's Club member became more fun than work.

It is the hope of the Charter Membership that we continue to learn from each other as we serve Hinckley Women's Club, we find acceptance and friendship that enriches us all.

Heather Liccardi

Charter President