September 2015
2nd Board Meeting - Marily Mocarski
17th COOKOUT 6:30 - Brooklyn Exchange Club  2400 State Road, Hinckley, OH
26th Social - Gervasi Vineyard Tour
October 2015
1st Board Mtg - Stacee Skkerya
4TH Pancake Breakfast​ - Skyland Golf
15TH General Meeting  - Human Trafficking - Rhonda Wurger
17th Pine Tree Barn - Wooster

November 2015
5th Board Meeting - Pat Fordosi
7th Harvest Gourmet - featuring Crown Roast of Pork​
19th - General Meeting 7:00PM Food Preservation - Canning & Freezing
21st West Side Market/Great Lakes Brewing Tour​

December 2015
3rd Board Meeting - Michelle Lumade
TBD Social - Deck the Halls Stan Hyatt - Judy Fisher​
17th General Meeting 6:30 PM
Christmas Party Location - 
January 2016
 7th Board Meeting - Kathy Schreck
21st- General Meeting  - BUNKO FUN NIGHT 7:00PM 
29th Evening at Skyview Lodge - Wine Tasting

February 2016
Board Meeting - Marilyn Mocarski
20th - General Meeting Disaster Preparedness - Debbie Chitester 7:00PM 
20th - Soial First Ladies Museum in Canton
March 2016
 3th  Board Meeting - Stacee Skerya
   Buzzard Day
General Meeting Kate French, VP of High & Low Winery  7:00PM 
20th  Buzzard Day  Hinckley Elemetry
26th Easter Egg Hunt Our Lady of Grace​

April 2016
2nd Gourmet dishes from Famous CLE Restaurants
​7th Board Meeting - Kathy Schreck
21st- General Meeting Jan Becker - Becker's Cottake Garden Herb Farm 7:00PM 
30th Social Road Rally - 

May 2016
5th Board Meeting - Michelle Lumadue

Calendar of Events

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