September 2013
19th MEXICAN WELCOME FIESTA - Brooklyn Exchange Club  2400 State Road, Hinckley, OH

October 2013
 3rd Board Mtg Michelle Lumadue
6TH Pancake Breakfast​
17TH General Meeting  Guest Speaker Apple Orchard 7:00PM
19TH- Spooky Halloween Gourmet Dinner - H. Liccardi
 29th Book Discussion/Dinner 6:30 Panera's Brunswick - Book: Breath, Eyes, Memory of Edwridge Danticat

November 2013
 7th Board Meeting - Mary Jane Campbell
21st - General Meeting 7:00PM Chili cookoff

16th Movie and Dinner -
December 2013
 5th Board Meeting - Tina McKinney
           Santa Visits
19th General Meeting 6:30 PM
Christmas Party Location - Hinckley Town Hall
January 2014
 2nd  Board Meeting - Andrea Tabor
16th- General Meeting 7:00PM Feng/Shui

- Movie and Dinner (TBD)
February 2014
 - Board Meeting - Michelle Lumadue
20th - General Meeting 7:00PM Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse
22nd Gourmet - Celebrating our Presidents - M. Lumadue/M. Harris
​ Book Discussion/Dinner (TBD)
March 2014
6th Board Meeting - Margie Harris
 Buzzard Day
General Meeting 7:00PM 

Movie and dinner (TBD)

April 2014
 3rd - Board Meeting - Mary Jane Campbel

17th- General Meeting 7:00PM 
19th Easter Egg Hunt 11AM
         Our Lady of Grace​
26th Road Rally - V. Tifft​
 Book Discussion/Dinner (TBD)

May 2014
1st Board Meeting - Andrea Tabor
15th - Installation Banquet

26th - Memorial Day Parade
Calendar of Events

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June 2014
- Board Meeting